DVD 2010 (click to view dvd cover)

From 15 Aug‚ re–live the dramatic moments of RFC 2011 all over again! Catch the thrills‚ spills‚ action‚ drama‚ tears and fears of the RFC. See the who‚ what‚ why‚ where and how of the opening ceremony‚ prologue special stages show–time‚ the well coordinated ground/air support‚ predator‚ terminator campsites‚ the longest night thriller in the twilight zone and camaraderie closing ceremony. Please contact our secretariat at 603 – 2163 5908 / 6908‚ email: fida@rainforest-challenge.com cc rfc@rainforest-challenge.com for details.

The RFC‚ time to live your 4×4 passion to the full. Mother Nature Rules Supreme. The RFC is not an event for the faint–hearted. If you have what it takes as an off–road 4×4 adventurer‚ shouldn’t you be among the roll of honours in the next RFC?

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