1.    Welcome To Malaysia

Malaysia has a population of over 25 million people who reside in the Peninsular and the states of Sabah and Sarawak on the Borneo Island. The country prides itself on the harmonious existence of various races as a nation. While the majority are Malays, the Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazandusuns and other ethnic groups make up a colourful and vibrant society. Malaysia’s official language is Bahasa Malaysia, but English is widely spoken. The nation comprises Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and followers of other religion.

2.    Weather Conditions

Hot and humid all year round, Malaysia enjoys and equatorial climate of temperatures ranging from 22 to 32 degrees Celcius in the lowlands. However, it is cooler in highland areas. The annual rainfall here averages 200-250cm. Dressing in clothing of breathable and light material is advised. Comfortable and warm garments need be worn only at hill resorts.

3.    Immigration

All visitors are required to complete an Arrival/Departure Card, a Customs declaration, and, if required, a Travelers Declaration Form (TDF) and Quarantine Form. These are given out on all inbound Malaysia Airlines’ flights or at the Immigration counters upon arrival.

4.    Prohibited Goods

Trafficking of illegal drugs carries the mandatory death penalty in Malaysia. A special permit is required to carry firearms and ammunition. Other items prohibited include flick knives, daggers and pornographic material. Taped videocassettes should be submitted for clearance by Customs.

5.    Health Regulations

Cholera vaccination is NOT required for travelers entering Malaysia. Visitors arriving from yellow Fever Endemic Zones and other affected areas are required to present International Health Certificates showing Yellow Fever vaccination.

6.    Medical Checkup

Please ensure that you have done so prior to the event. You are also advised to consult your doctor for tetanus toxoide injection and anti-malaria prophyloxis. Please report to the event secretariat of any ailments or allergy prior to departure (attached to your entry form) and again to the event medical crew upon arrival.

7.    RFC Identification Tag

Please make your own RFC tag with country name to ease your entry at immigration and customs.

8.    Your Country Flag

Please bring along your country flag to mount on your vehicle for opening and closing ceremonies. This will be prominently seen on print and electronic media.

9.    In Malaysia

Your arrival will be at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). After departing the plane follow the ‘Baggage Reclaim’ signs and make your way to a shuttle train, this will take you to the arrival terminal and passport control, after which you can reclaim your luggage.
Proceed through customs, just before exiting into main lobby you need to purchase a pre-paid taxi ticket (coupon) from the Taxi/Limo counter (fixed rate) – Take taxi to designated hotel. This is the most convenient method. Ask for Budget Taxi which is cheaper than Limos. Budget is approximately RM80 (USD21) while Limo is approximately RM120 (USD32). The traveling time to the city is approximately 40 minutes.
Express Train
KLIA Express (ERL) station to the city is at Level 1 (Ground floor) or KLIA Main Terminal Building. Ticket counter and vending machines for the purchase of ERL tickets are located at the Arrival Hall. The journey will take about 28 mins to KL Sentral Station. One way is approx RM35 (USD9). From there, take a taxi to the official hotel (less than USD3).
Bus Service
Public bus services are also available one floor down from the Arrival Hall.

10.  Money Matters

Money exchange facilities are available in all major towns. Other licensed money changers operate in key entry/exit points and shopping malls. Most hotels exchange foreign currency and accept travellers’ cheque. 1 USD is approx Ringgit Malaysia RM3.10

11.  Time

The standard Malaysian time is +8 hours GMT in Winter and +7 hours GMT in Summer.

12.  Electricity

Malaysia is on 240 volt 50 cycle. All power points are on a 3-pin system.

13.  Paperwork (Those bringing their vehicles)

The CARNET is the most important document of all. Before you put your vehicle in the container make sure you photocopy the carnet and bring the copy with you, the original will be kept by the shipping agent to go with your vehicle. You will need the Original Registration papers (proof of ownership), Driving License and International Driving License. Make copies of all these documents and bring both the originals and copies with you in your hand luggage.

Carnet ATA is issued by the Chambers of Commerce, it is usually cheaper, and last for a period of time, from 6 months to a year. That is more than enough time to ship your vehicles to Malaysia and ship it back to your country. Malaysian Customs know of RFC and its event format, but they accept Carnet ATA, for so long as you ship your vehicles out of Malaysia after the event. RFC is an endorsed event by the Ministry of Culture, Arts & Tourism of Malaysia. Should you have difficulty applying for Carnet ATA, please contact the RFC secretariat.

For those countries not in the Carnet System, please inform the RFC secretariat soonest possible so that we can proceed with temporary import procedure. Please inform us.

13.3 Shipping& Forwarding Solutions (Official Freight Forwarder) 

Advisable that you make contact JIM Project & Expo Logistics, the Official Freight Handler of RFC. They are specialists in exhibition logistics, event freight logistics & motorsports for over 25 years. JIM has handled all types of events from Private Demos to Defence Exhibitions to Drift Car races leading up to the mother event RFC! JIM with its worldwide network of own offices and agents & a dedicated team has the necessary experience/commitment to handle all requirements from your Country of Origin. Queries on your shipping/freight to RFC, please contact: enquiry@jim.com.my, or kumar@jim.com.my. Mobile: 6012 -647 9011 (Kumar) 6012-942 3011 (David) at Wisma JIM, 23, Jln Apollo, U5/94 Bandar Pinggiran Subang, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. Tel: 603– 7846 1811, Fax: 60 3 7846 1944. Website: www.jim.com.my.

14.  Collecting Vehicles

Getting your vehicle from North Port Klang will probably be one of your first objectives.
DO NOT GO TO THE SHIPPING AGENTS UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD THE VEHICLE IS UNLOADED. The journey to the port is about 1 hour by taxi and you will have wasted your time. The names, contact telephone numbers and address (with a route map to drive back to KL) will be supplied to you. Telephone the Agent for progress reports. It will take a little time to get through the paperwork – be patient.

15.  Insurance – Event

While every possible measure will be taken to ensure safety, there is always an element of risk, which can cause injury or death. The event will have an additional Group Personal Accident Policy to cover entire duration, and the liability will be limited to the sum insured only. You will have to sign a compulsory indemnity form, excluding the organizer, it’s officials, servants and sponsors from any liability. You are free to take up additional type of insurance on your own to cover yourself for this event in your own country to further protect yourselves.

Every possible step to ensure the safety and guidance of participants throughout the designated route of the event has been taken. Participants are however, advised to be prudent in their actions and not to cause unnecessary risk to themselves or others.

16.  Additional Insurance

For general risks associated with overseas travel, it is advisable that you take up this insurance as an additional coverage, if you fall sick upon your arrival or after the event has ended, and need hospitalization, your insurance can come in handy to cover such contingency.

17.  Medical Evacuation

Medical evacuation services are applicable for emergency use only.

18.  Fuel Guide (Subject to changes)

1 litre of petrol is Ron 95 is RM 1.90 and 1 litre of Ron 97 is RM 2.50
1 litre of diesel is RM1.80. Please have at least two 20-litre cans to carry additional fuel.

19.  Supplies

Maps of Kuala Lumpur marked with the relevant shopping areas are available. There are many places where provisions can be purchased but you may wish to ship packet/tinned foods from home in your vehicle. The convoy will allow for buying fresh fruit and some supplies along the way. It is also advisable to contact your nearest Tourism Malaysia office or Embassy, High Commission or Consulates for further information on the country.

20.  Food

Competitors – Your own food and cooking throughout the event. Remember to carry emergency food supplies and dry rations. Officials, Touring Adventurers and Press – Compulsory to carry your own emergency food and dry rations contribute with your own money to the driver of your vehicle to purchase ingredients for your shared hot meals. Four in a vehicle for the entire journey.

21.  Waterproof Bags

Keeping clothes and sleeping bags dry in the jungle is difficult. Previous experience has shown that CANOE BAGS are the most effective – unless you can guarantee a waterproof ‘stackit’. These bags are obtainable in different sizes from most good watersports/surfing shops.

22.  Camp beds

Essential. Remember that this is the monsoon season – the ground will be get very wet and muddy. Do not bring low camp beds or you will end up with a wet bed!! These are strong but lightweight, fold up stretcher beds which you may have in your home country, alternatively they are available in Malaysia (approx. USD110). We suggest that if you wish to purchase one, kindly inform us so that a reservation can be made for you. Once we receive your request, it is considered sold to you when you are here.

23.  Sleeping Bags

As light a bag as possible. It is hot and humid at night but the temperature will drop. It is difficult to dry bags because of the humidity. Evenings and early mornings can be a cool 18 degrees C or below in the jungle and highlands.

24.  Night Shelter

Most teams use plastic sheet (tarpaulin) hung between vehicle to sleep under. Small dome tents can also be used.

25.  Torches

You will experience night driving, winching and bridge crossings. A head torch is useful. Camps are frequently reached in the dark and a lantern is helpful. All type of batteries are available locally.

26.  Water Purification Tablets

Essential emergency supplies.

27.  Anti-fungal powder/cream

Buy a good powder. Sweat and damp clothing can cause “nappy rash” and is hard to avoid. Feet should be looked after, you will probably get skin peeling.

28.  Ladies

Bring something suitable to wear when bathing in the river, or treat yourself to a sarong locally – very useful and cheap!

29.  Water

Advisable to have a portable water filter. Buy bottled water in boxes, it is cheaper. DON’T buy water from roadside stalls. Most garages sell bottled water. Even walking around within the city one can become de-hydrated so drink plenty of water based liquids – this does not include alcohol!.

30.  Insect repellant

Once outside of Kuala Lumpur it is necessary to use a good repellant that combats not only mosquitoes, but also sand flies. The sand fly is much smaller and harder to see, common around early evening and night. To combat insects around the sleeping area Mosquito Repellant Coils – pkt 10 – once lit they slowly burn for most of the night. Alternatively there are repellant candles.

31.  Re-hydration salts

Can be bought locally at pharmacies. (spelt Farmasi in Malay). Essential kit!

32.  Jungle Boots

Try to get canvas high leg lace jungle boots if available in your country. Tuck your trousers inside.

33.  Tools

A ‘Parang’ (machete/slasher) is very useful for clearing vegetation. Cheap to buy locally at hardware shops. A ‘Cangkul’ (wide bladed pick) is also very useful and quick for digging track ways – better than a shovel. Hammer, nails and old motorcycle chain – emergency bridge repair kit – very handy!

34.  RFC Merchandising Items

The RFC Secretariat also has a range of adventure and expedition apparels and items for sale to participants at a discount.

35.  Hotel

All bookings will be through RFC Secretariat. Please do not book directly with the hotels. Please kindly inform RFC Secretariat of your check-in/out dates for pre-event and post-event stay the soonest possible. You should arrive in Kuala Lumpur.

36.  Caution and Warning

36.  Caution and Warning

Mother Nature does not respect timing and schedules, therefore, be prepared for changes to our event programme along the way, however, without compromising on the safety of participants. YOUR vehicle must be in a full state of preparation. YOU must be able to withstand and endure the worst of the natural elements in a jungle camping adventure with a smile on your face. The element of uncertainly and the unexpected disruption of our journey are part and parcel of the RAINFOREST CHALLENGE.

You are fully aware of the risks involved in such an event. Please come mentally and physically prepared. If you do not have the proper attitude of esprit de corps and passion for adventure, this event is NOT for you.

The RFC (rainforest challenge) is a time to live your off-road racing & adventure dreams!

Welcome to the Grand Final RFC (rainforest challenge of Malaysia).
Luis J.A. Wee
Event Founder & Creator of the RFC Global Series


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