This guide is intended to assist you with your preparations before leaving home and to enable you to enjoy the experience of the jungle to its fullest. For those of you who are RFC “experienced”, let this be merely a reminder. For all you first-timers, take heed. We hope that the following facts, pointers and suggestions will ease your entry. Remember that, to complete the event is already an achievement.

Be Prepared! November – January in Malaysia is Monsoon Season. Expect to be continually wet for the duration – damp at best. Expect mosquitoes, leeches and a host of other insects. Expect debilitating heat and humidity, relentless rain and mud but also expect a country of great beauty inhabited by a friendly and diverse people. Approach this event with respect – it is tough. And, if you are prepared then, chances are, you will enjoy yourself that much more.

Herewith please find the recommended Bring-List for all personnel attending RFC. Use it as a guide only.

Recommended that you pack for 2 scenarios – A bag of 3 sets of clothing incl. shorts, shoes incl. authenticated copies of passport, air-tickets etc. which remains at the hotel. A portion of your money should be deposited in the Hotel safe. So, if everything were to go wrong and you lose your gear/money/passport whatever you are not completely lost. The other bag which is your event bag, obviously comes with you. Think waterproof, rugged, lockable etc. Please mark ALL your clothing and gear with your name etc. Bring lots of business cards.


Clothing should be light, quick-dry, rugged/outdoor with lots of pockets, practical in design and colour.

2 x pairs Short Pants with belt-loops
2 x pairs Long Pants, loose-fitting, lots of pockets
2 x T-Shirts
2 x Long-Sleeved Shirts
1 x Track-Suit. Light, dark, cotton/wool. Night wear
4 x pairs Socks. Wool/Cotton. Dark. Throw-away after event
Underwear – your call (disposables are handy and hygienic and available from pharmacy shops locally)
1 x Sarong/wrap
1 x Small, dark towel
1 x Canvas/nylon belt
2 x Winch/leather gloves with grommets (metal re-inforced holes) that can attach to a belt with a karabiner
1 x 2 Piece rain suit (pants and jacket) with hood and large w/proof pockets
1 x Poncho – doubles as groundsheet or small tarpaulin
1 x pair. Gaiters (Waterproof leggings that attach to boots and fasten below knee)
4 x Handkerchiefs/bandannas
2 x pairs. cheap sunglasses with tie-ons
1 x pair Boots. Lightweight, ankle-high with good tread for mud. Some people swear by soccer boots. That is how bad the mud can be.
1 x pair Tennis shoes.
1 x pair thongs with velcro strapping and treaded soles or water resistant strap on sandles. TEVA sandles recommended
1 x Swim outfit
Caps and hats, bring spares
1 x Lightweight sleeping bag. Pack in w/proof stuff-bag lined with heavy-duty plastic bag
1 x Airline-size pillow
1 x Hammock or lightweight campstretcher/bed. The hammock – if you can sleep in one is Cheaper and lighter
1x Mosquito Net – optional. Not always possible to string up


1 x Head Lamp torch with spare batteries and globes. PETZL make a good range
1 x Utility knife. Swiss Army, Leatherman or Gerber
1 x 10m of nylon string. Always handy
A couple of bungee cords are also useful
2 x belt or strap water bottles. 2litres each
1 x pkt. Heavy Duty zip-lock bags – money, papers etc
1 x 10-15 lt daypack
1 x Moonbag. Money, papers, smokes etc
1 x Plastic/enamel mug
1 x Plastic/enamel deep plate. A frisbee works
1 x Knife/fork/spoon set
1 x Roll Duct Tape

1 x Wash Bag containing :-
* Hand soap in plastic container
* Shampoo
* Toothbrush/paste/floss
* Eye drops and lip balm
* Sunblock, skin cream
* Nail/Scrubbing brush
* Nail clippers. Advisable to keep nails short for the duration – especially toenails
2 x Rolls Toilet Paper at all times – buy in Kuala Lumpur
3 x Containers Moist Towelettes. Personal hygiene when there is limited washing facilities Bring lots of insect repellant – spray and cream. Can be purchased in Kuala Lumpur
1 x Personal First Aid Kit containing :-
* Multi Vitamins
* Antiseptic Cream
* Antihistamine Cream
* Pain killers – Aspirin
* Tweezers & scissors
* Various bandages. 1 of each
* Re-hydrate sachets
* Alcohol Swabs
* Anti-fungal foot spray/cream
* Box of fabric plasters
* Bottle mercurochrome
* Diorrea pills

All of these items can fit into a fairly small bag – Available in most cities. Current vaccinations required for Malaysia as well as the best malaria prophylactic. Definitely get your anti-tetanus jab or booster. Hepatitis A & B are jabs recommend as well. Inform the RFC Management ASAP of any pertinent medical condition i.e. allergies, cardio-vascular problems etc. Insure yourself and your gear and give details to your country co-coordinator or RFC management.

If it is your first time in Malaysia and on the RFC, then we recommend doing some research – especially on the conditions that you will encounter. Finding out more about local customs is advised. A pocket phrase-book is handy, but optional.

Dry Rations
* Bring your own selection of energy and granola bars, chocolates, sweets, trail snacks, savoury biscuits, processed cheese, dried sausages, etc to keep you through the day. One can buy a range of snacks locally; crisps, chocolates, biscuits, etc. It all depends on your personal tastes. Bring also your own packets of Trail Meals – light and easy to prepare, can even eat out of the packet etc. You should be as self sufficient in your energy needs and water as possible at any time of the day or night. Remember, come for an adventure in the jungle. This is not a paid holiday with food prepared for you.

* Alcohol and beer are readily available except in predorminantly muslim areas and in the jungle. You might want to bring a couple of aluminium screw-top camp bottles to carry alcohol and a soft cooler bag for beer, soft drinks and ice. If the driver or other occupants of the vehicle are Muslim, please refrain from eating pork in their presence.

* Bring your own set of mess tin (useful for cooked meals).

Please prepare your own meals at campsites, and sometimes it can be on the go, anytime!

Survival Rations
Vehicles break down, get lost, stuck, etc and that invariably happens far away from the nearest shops. Recommended that you prepare a survival pack of emergency rations. Consider the following – ready mixed sachets of coffee/tea, granola and or energy bars, trail snacks, glucose and vitamin enriched sweets, cup disposable soups and disposable lighters.

Country Flag
Bring your own country flags (min size 3′x 4′) for opening and closing ceremonies.

Please come with an open mind about the jungle, the event, different cultures, way of life and people from different nationalities and be interactive, if you do that, then I am sure you will have an enjoyable time with us.

Be forewarned.  Mother Nature does not respect our timing and programme.  Event schedule subject to changes.

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