Announcing the expansion of RFC format in the eastern region of Russia this year @ Ussuriysk (16 April), @ Artem (21 May) @ Extremay (28 May) before the main event of RFC East Russia from 4-7 Aug. With these additional rounds, the biggest country in the world now hosts 9 events under the RFC Global Series calendar 2016! Just like its western counterpart, this eastern region RFC will be attracting among the toughest off-road warriors ever assembled in this region.“The main race in Aug will be the decider for who those wish to go to Malaysia for the mother event RFC Final in Nov,” said Kovalenko Evgenii, our Commander-in-Chief of RFC East Russia. “Since not all will be eligible, this expansion is a good way for more Russian off-road teams in the eastern provinces to experience the RFC format & be counted into the ranks of RFC Global Series,” he added. This being said, certainly a lot of hard work & challenges had gone into the making these series of events possible. “Moi Pozdravieniya” to Evgenii & his crew for showing such passion, commitment, perseverance & will-power. This is, after all, a tough region with equally tough off-roaders. No surprise that this is also the land that has produced the 2-time RFC champion (2012 & 2014) from Russia (Team 104 Roman Kublak) & guess who was his co-driver/winchman then? Yes, it’s Evgenii. So, for those preparing for the “Test of 4×4 Supremacy” here, be prepared, be very well prepared – for this is the “toughest off-road race in the east!” Pix (by Eugene Rapax: MudProduction.ru):Promo flyer for RFC East Russia + our C in C of the eastern region: Evgenii showing us what’s coming from April to Aug from this rugged land, now that Spring is upon us.

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