(Ref: V041116).

24 Nov & 25 Nov: Arrival of all foreign participants & media of RFC Final (RFCF) & RFC Explorers (RFCE) in Kuala Lumpur @ official hotel.

25 Nov: Morning Presentation Day @ Publika @ the Square + technical inspection + announcements. Welcome to 20th Edition Night. (RFCF & RFCE)

26 Nov: 0800 -1130 hrs: Morning of Nostalgia for 20th Edition @ Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square), Kuala Lumpur (RFCF & RFCE). Incorporating RFC Enduro Trophy (Enduro & Dual Purpose motorbikes).

26 Nov: High Noon: Flagging off Convoy out of Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur (RFCF & RFCE). Convoy rolling to Kuantan (capital of Pahang state).

26 Nov: 1500 -1700 hrs: For participants/media in RFC rooming list only, check in @ Shahzhan Inn & E-Red Hotel ((RFCF & RFCE). For supporters & other teams /participants, checking into hotels of their choice in Kuantan.  Scrutineering / technical inspection on-going at hotel premises.

26 Nov: 2000 hrs: Welcome & briefing @ Shahzhan Inn (RFCF & RFCE).

27 Nov: 0800-0900 hrs: Convoy assemble @ Taman Kerang (Padang MPK), Jalan Mahkota (beside the main trunk road Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan).

27 Nov: 0900 hrs: Arrival of VIP & introduction of participants & media of 20th Edition RFC.

27 Nov: 0930 hrs: RFC 2016 Flagging off ceremony with VIP, a prelude to Visit Pahang Year 2017.

27 Nov: 1000 hrs: Arrival at Camp Bukit Galing (Kuantan), Brigade Tenggara HQ (General Operations Force of the Royal Malaysian Police).

27 Nov: 1030 hrs:  It’s Showtime! Commencement of Prologue SS @ outdoor tracks of Camp Bukit Galing.

27 Nov: 1900 hrs: Finale of Prologue SS @ Bukit Galing, Kuantan.

27 Nov: 1930 hrs: Depart Prologue SS venue for Campsite I: Predator A @ Hutan Simpan Berkelah (for RFCF & RFCE).

27 Nov: 2030 hrs: Arrival @ Campsite I & rest for the night.

28 Nov: 0800 hrs: Briefing @ Event HQ Campsite I.

28 Nov: 0900 hrs: Commencement of Special Stages (SS).

28 Nov: 1800 hrs: End of SS & rest for the night @ Campsite I.

29 Nov: 0800 hrs: Briefing @ Event HQ.

29 Nov: 0900 hrs: Transport Day for RFCF & RFCE. Depart Campsite I for Raub town.

29 Nov: 1200 – 1400 hrs: Refueling / Regrouping @ Raub town.

29 Nov: 1400 hrs: Rolling out of Raub town.

29 Nov: 1630 hrs: ETA Campsite II: Predator B @ Hutan Rizab Batu Talam, Hulu Sungei Kenur (Pos Kampung Buntu) & rest for the night.

30 Nov: 1000 hrs: Briefing @ Event HQ.

30 Nov: 1200 hrs: Transport Day for RFCF & RFCE. Depart for Kampung Asli Regang (Pos Sendirut), a tribal village of the indigenous people. District of Kuala Lipis.

30 Nov: 1530 hrs: ETA @ Pos Sendirut: Goodwill & Camaraderie & CSR session with the People of the Jungle. Distribute own goodies to the inhabitants and children of the tribal village.

30 Nov: 1700 hrs ETA arrival at Campsite III: Terminator @ vicinity of Pos Sendirut. Rest for the night.

1 Dec: 0800 hrs: Briefing at Event HQ (Campsite III).

1 Dec: 0830 hrs: Commencement of SS for RFCF.

1 Dec: 0900 – 1800 hrs: Tribal games for RFCE with the People of the Jungle, also presenting the Blowpipe Challenge.

1 Dec: End of SS for RFCF.

1 Dec: 1930 hrs: Traditional Tribal Night show for everyone & prizes for winners of the Blowpipe Challenge for RFCE.

1 Dec: 2200 hrs: End of activities and rest for the night.

2 Dec: 0700 hrs: Briefing at Event HQ for RFCE.

2 Dec: 0800 hrs: RFCE departs for Kampung Asli Kabang.

2 Dec: 0830 hrs ETA @ Kampung Asli Kabang, Entry to Twilight Zone I (TZ A).

2 Dec: Rest of RFCF convoy rolls to Campsite IV: TZ A @ Hutan Simpan Jelai (Kampung Asli Semoi Lama).

2 Dec: 1800 hrs: ETA exit of race teams out of Twilight Zone A for Pos Betau & onward to Campsite III (Semoi Lama)

2 Dec: 1000 hrs: RFCE convoy rolls out of Campsite III, transport day.

2 Dec: 1400 hrs: ETA arrival at Campsite IV @ Hutan Simpan Jelai.

2 Dec: Rest, relaxation, camping & savour the highland forest.

3 Dec:  0800 hrs: RFCF race teams depart for Kampung Asli Caang from Campsite III (Semoi Lama).

3 Dec: 0900 hrs ETA Kampung Asli Caang (Entry to Twilight Zone Two)

3 Dec: 0930 hrs: Starting of Twilight Zone Two@ Kampung Asli Caang.

3 Dec: 1800 hrs: End of Twilight Zone Two & exit @ Kampung Asli Lemoi, Campsite V: The Highlanders.

3 Dec: 0800 hrs: RFCE depart campsite IV (Kampung Asli Semoi Lama).

3 Dec: 1300 hrs: ETA arrival @ Campsite V: The Highlanders (Kampung Asli Lemoi).

3 Dec: 1330 hrs: Free & easy at campsite.

4 Dec: 0700 hrs: Briefing at Event HQ

4 Dec: 0800 hrs: Depart for SS @ Tanah Rata

4 Dec: 1000 hrs: ETA arrival SS venue @ Tanah Rata.

4 Dec: 1030 hrs: Commencement of SS.

4 Dec: 1800 hrs: End of SS @ Tanah Rata.

4 Dec: 1830 hrs: Rest at Campsite VI: Sungei Pauh.

4 Dec: RFCE convoy continues camping at Campsite V: The Highlanders & savour the million-year old rain forest.

5 Dec: 0800 hrs: Briefing at Event HQ.

5 De: 0830 hrs: RFCF assemble at Finale SS @ Tanah Rata.

5 Dec: 0900 hrs: Start of Finale SS

5 Dec: 1430 hrs: End of Finale SS @ Tanah Rata. Free & easy for RFCF convoy & own choice of accommodation. No official hotel @ Tanah Rata.

5 Dec: 0900 hrs: RFCE convoy departs Campsite V for Tanah Rata

5 Dec: 1100 hrs: ETA Tanah Rata, free & easy.

5 Dec: 1900 hrs: Closing ceremony @ Tanah Rata Town Hall, hosted by the local authority

5 Dec: 2200 hrs: Ending of RFC 2016 for RFCF & RFCE. Free option for everyone to stay for their holidays or head for home, except for foreign participants & media.

Note I:  All schedules of both RFCF & RFCE are subject to changes once the event rolls. “Mother Nature Rules Supreme,” all participants & media members should check with our field Event HQ at all times. It’s compulsory for all to attend the daily morning briefings. RFCE is purely an expedition route enjoying the splendor of the 120 million rain forests.

Note II: However, for those in RFCF in the racing category take note that RFCF is rated among the Top Ten Toughest Motor Races in the World, it’s not for the faint hearted. For entry into the Twilight Zone – all men, women & machines must be fully prepared for “Anything Goes.” Welcome to the RFC Final in Malaysia.

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