Rainforest Challenge Special DVD 2007

The Great Escape on DVD

Catch the thrills, spills, drama and heroism when the Monsoon War began which triggered the Great Escape of 2007. This episode has earned its “hall of fame” in the annals of off-roading, to be rememberd for all times. For where else would you find the bravest of the 4×4 land daredevils forced to retreat by boats?


The 2-hour DVD is divided into five sections.

I – Standing the Test of Time. RFC 1997 to 2006.

II – Welcome to Terengganu, host state of RFC 2007

III – Opening, Prologue & Jungle SS.

IV – The Monsoon War & the Great Escape.

V-  RFC 2007 in pix.


This DVD makes a good companion to RFC book 2008 “Great Escape stories.”

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